Saturday, January 01, 2005

Projects Update :: AP, Kerala & TN (Sanjeev)

Dear Friends,

- 43 Asha projects in Tamil Nadu have been contacted. Only Irula and Anawim have been affected. The projects that have not been contacted do not have up-to-date contact info. We no longer need volunteers who want to help contacting projects.

- Andhra Pradesh: 7 projects that are coastal have been contacted. All other projects are schools in Hyderabad or the interior of Andhra. It is safe to conclude that none of the projects have been affected either.

- In Kerala, 4 projects have been contacted. The rest of the projects are in north Kerala. These projects are too far to have been affected or to be involved in relief and rehab.

Project coordinators: please take a look at the lists and see if any project you know or have worked with are listed in red. In that case, please let me know their status. I think it is time to start looking at projects that are working on relief and rehab over time.

More info soon.