Monday, January 03, 2005

Onsite Update :: from Jeba Durai in Chennai

Hi All,

I spoke to Jeba Durai today. Here are the brief updates from him.

- Siddama is coming to Chennai today and around noon will get together with satyapriya to type up a prelimnary proposal.
- jeba has been in touch with OxFam - an org. working in the nagapattinam area.
- he worked in the urur kuppam area with the village youth.

Immediate relief is available in these areas. The next step is to provide rehab. for ppl who are no longer being taken care of under the relief scheme of the govt. Jebba and DP are making a survey of the region to determine the requirements and work towards a detailed proposal for funding.

- Suyam trust(contact: uma) is working in some villages in the cuddalore region and also in the ennore region.
- TRY (contact: chandravel) is working in the ayodhya kuppam region.

Jebba has been in touch with these orgs too and they have requested time to write up a proposal. Jebba and DP are constantly trying to identify other orgs that are involved in the right way and have a demonstrated need of funds.

w.r.t to gvmt action and effectiveness:

In the urur kupam region families abandoned by the tsunami (ppl who have lost everything) are given Rs. 2000 if they show their ration cards. But, as observed in most cases this Rs. 2000 is also taken up by house owners and not the tenants who lost everything.

In the ayodhya kuppam region , however, the govt had been constructive in that, they had distributed vessels, clothes and other necessities. Also, in the wake of a tsunami warning, the govt made plans and took due care to move the ppl to a safer region.

Jebba will be in Varnasi for the Asha India conference on 4th, 5th and 6th. he said he might have email access and will surely update us with any news flowing in. He also mentioned that they are making efforts to send us detailed reports/proposals.

The conference is also an effort to document the best practices and efforts on providing livelihood which will be a large part of rehab.