Monday, December 27, 2004

Projects Update :: Urur Kuppam (Rajaram)

December 27, 7:24AM

Hello All,

Closer at hand, I talked to Lakshmi and Jebadurai today morning. There has been a lot of destruction of property in the Urur Kuppam Village. Thankfully there is little or no loss of life here. The Urur Kuppam School has been unaffected. Water did not enter into the school. The affected villagers are housed in Olcott Memorial School. There are about 750 people that are housed in that school. Lakshmi is coordinating things with the government on the relief works for the people here.

Margaret informed Jeba that many of the students' families have lost everything. Jeba was in Urur Kuppam and he said many organisations like Infosys were coming and distributing items to people. However the common complaint is that many people who are completely unaffected and who have multi-storeyed buildings in the Kuppam are also coming and claiming these. I heard the exact same thing from Lakshmi as well.

Lakshmi went through Urur Kuppam and neighbouring hamlets. About 50-55 houses are badly hit. Others have also suffered some damages. A lot of supplies are coming in. But as mentioned earlier they are not necessarily going to just the needy. The situation is similar in other places of Chennai (like North Chennai). From what we hear other places outside the city require supplies much more desparately. But we do not know how to channelise them at the moment.

The need of the hour for Urur Kuppam is bed-sheets / blankets and basic clothes (like sarees, churidhars, pant/shirts etc.). If any one has these they can bring them to Olcott Memorial School. Also if any one can volunteer their time, they would be very useful at Olcott Memorial School. As for monetary donations etc. hold for another day or two before we get a clear picture about the needs. We would also like to identify an organisation to route donations to for work at
other places in Tamilnadu.

Once again there are no casualties in Urur Kuppam and neighbouring hamlets. The Urur Olcott Kuppam School is unaffected. So is the Balwadi (information from Jeba).