Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Projects Update :: Urur Kuppam (Lakshmi)

Dear All,

At Urur and Olcott Kuppam:

Food is available to residents.

Many families have claimed and received the immediate govt. grant of Rs 2000. There some tenants however who are not being recogonised for support. We are working in this area.

Yesterday a team of 15 of us from OMHS, TOS, IIT, Rani Meyyammai College, The school KFI went out to support Senguttuvan and team with the survey. We completed the survey and mapping by 4pm.

The number of families who were living in the 55 thatched houses is somewhere in the order of 200 as many huts were subdivided for rent. We will be compiling the results around 10 am today.

We plan to reach the rehab efforts individually to these families who have lost so much.
There is support promised for the students of the OMHS and the Urur Kuppam school children for lost text books and notebooks and uniforms. We have started assuring parents that they can stop worrying in this area and concentrate on settling themselves.

As regards donation to the Theosophical Order of Service, here are the details-

Bank’s Name and address- Standard Chartered Bank,
Sorrento, Adyar Branch, Chennai 600020, India
Account Number- 42810001582
Title of the Account- The Theosophical Society
Purpose- Tidal catastrophe Relief
Email address-

Please send an email to the above address and to me if you have remitted any money.

Please also write your postal address for us to be able to send receipts as this mandatory under the Indian FCRA regulations act.

Today we will be finalizing the order of priority in which these donations will be used for relief.

More after 24 hours