Monday, December 27, 2004

Projects Update :: Tamil Nadu (Sanjeev)

I spoke to Subhash at Auroville. The schools there were not effected. The nearby coastal villages were effected though. The govt and auroville are working on relief. There are around 100 families who are now being taken care of in tents in auroville grounds an there is enough food and clothing available. They might require help in the rehabilitation it will be clear in a few days.

Spoke to Lakshmi at Seva Chakkara. Orphanage was not hit. They are tying to help Pattinapakam which is near them and on the Marina. This area appears to have been worst hit in Chennai. The few volunteers there may be able to help with the reach out.

Spoke to a watchman at Anawim, he said everyone around is ok. It was too late and I couldn't get in touch with anyone else there. I will follow up later today.

Also spoke to Lakshmi aunty at Asha Chennai. DP has already covered the developments there. Food, clothes is available for immediate relief around Besant Nagar. Aunty mentioned that help was needed in Kadalore and they are trying to figure out what to do about it. Rehabilitation efforts will be clear in a few days.

I'm not sure how many project coordinators are around. (I just got back from the grand canyon myself). Can we the ppl around pick projects around TN and call them to ask if they were effected or are participating in the relief/rehabilitation work. This way it may also become clear how we can be part of the effort. Could you please post your updates to an ashawide group.