Friday, December 31, 2004

Project Update :: Urur Kuppam (Lakshmi)

Dear all,

Wish you all a happy and productive New Year.

It is sad that we have to be managing a natural disaster and supporting the people who have lost so much in this disaster. Yet we could learn to work in coordination and reach out together so that there is support to all needy and support reaches all affected peoples.

To this end Rajaraman has been talking to the AID, Bhoomika group and there is a meeting Jan 2, morning which he will be attending to get as much info and also provide to the coordination efforts.

Jebadurai was contacted and he has been able to get the required amounts of money from the Asha chennai account on time. Jeba and Satyapriya have been explained what we are doing and what we plan using the money for.

We are coordinating with a number of local NGOs, individuals to ensure that we get materials collected organized.

Sumitra Gautama is coordinating the putting together clothes, vessels and medicines in a very big way. She can be reached through me at She makes arrangements for specific requirements in very reasonable time. Her house is very conveniently located for collection.

Now to the happenings at our end yesterday-

Namita and I got info about Siddamma’s requirements from different sources. We however were able to piece things together and by the evening 4pm have arranged for 500 family sets of dry ration for Siddamma. Each set is as follows 7 Kg rice, 2kg dal, 1kg salt, 1kg tamarind, 250g chilli powder. This is an estimate that an average family of 3 adults and 2 children can do with in a week. (We will keep checking this out). The total cost of this about Rs 88500. We have got temporary loan money arranged which we can return when money comes from the approved chapter- this case Sanjeev Ranganathan is our US contact.

Rajaram, Sundaram and I visited the Sastrinagar Shelter where the number of homeless tenants from Urur Kuppam are put up. The numbers have increased to 185 from 20 on 29th when this Chennai Corporation shelter was opened. We are having IIT volunteers survey and computerize the data. Data from our joint survey at Urur Kuppam has been computerized and is being cross checked right now. We hope to be able to hand over the survey results to the Theosophical Order of Service and mail to our Asha email groups as well with our understanding and suggestions, as well.

We have been successful in mobilizing medicine for AID as per their requirements through Sairam and Raji Seattle volunteers coordinating the effort. They would have medicines to pick their needs from very soon.

We are trying to locate govt. support through some govt. officials. We seem to have been successful with one area but we will wait to see things more concrete evidence before we make things more public.

We have coordinated with Asha India as well about routing of funds and found a solution for immediate requirements this week and then for afterwards.

We have helped get the documentation ready and supplied data and photographs for a corporate presentation about TOS and an appeal for funds from abroad.

More later: Wishing all our efforts the best.

Working in good faith today for a better tomorrow.